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Luis Caldas de Oliveira

I am an Assistant Professor with IST, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. I am also a researcher at the Speech Processing Group of INESC.


In the school year of 1999/2000 I am teaching Signal Processing to undergraduates of the 3rd year of Licenciatura em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores and Licenciatura em Engenharia Aeroespacial .


My research interests involve speech processing, particulary speech synthesis, namely:


I am currently involved in the following projects:

Integration of speech processing technology in the national information service of Portugal Telecom.
Development of a text-to-speech system for european portuguese. Our synthesizer currently runs on Unix machines (SunOS, Linux, etc.) and on PC's running Windows95.
development of the DIXI system for Alternative and Augmentative Communication.

Recently concluded projects:

Speechdat II
Aquisition of a 4000 speaker database for voice-driven teleservices. You can look at a sample of the portuguese database.


If your computer is capable of playing audio files you can listen to some demos of our work.

Speechdat II
Sample recordings of the Portuguese Database.
Speech synthesizer for telephone numbers.
Portuguese text-to-speech synthesizer.

Other Info

Phonetic Alphabet for European Portuguese
Available in postscript ou em PDF, the table includes the phonetic symbols in IPA format, in the PT-SAM ASCII representation, the grapheme associated with each phoneme and a sample word.


Luis Caldas de Oliveira
Rua Alves Redol, 9, 1000 Lisboa, Portugal
tel: +351-1-3100268
fax: +351-1-3145843